Dmitry Kolesnikov

      Dmitry Kolesnikov.


                                                  The soloist of a singing ensemble "Mechta".








Dima started singing at the age of 6. When he was 9 he came to the Club of Culture "Oktjabr", and in the year 2000 he began attending classes in a singing studio " Mechta " in “Home of a Creativity for Children” in Izhevsk town.





The leader and the participants of ensemble "Mechta". After a concert. .


“Mechta” exists about10 years, and has got a popularity in the town, in Udmurt republic and in Russia. Olga Nagovitsyna is a leader of the ensemble.

Dima became the participant of a concert group thanks to a beautiful timbre of his voice and a nature charm in a short period of time. Firstly Dima appeared before public with vocalists who have already achieved good results in singing.




         Trio: Konstantin Makurin ((has won the III place at the international singing

        competition «Vesiolaja Raduga », middle-aged group), Ekaterina Hramova

        (has won the III place at the international competition «Vesiolaja Raduga », 

        senior group),Dmitry Kolesnikov.


For the first time Dmitry became a winner in a singing competition « Utrennjaja Zvezda of Izhevsk town-2000 » ( he  got the diploma of a winner of the III degree). Dima  wan spectators’ hearts  singing songs from a musical « Notre Dame de Paris » in a language of the original. Being fond of foreign languages since his childhood he also sings songs in English and Italian languages.




Song from Louis Armstrong's repertoir « Let my people go! ».

        Winners of a festival of children «Zdravstvui, mir! »

        Dmitry Kolesnikov and ensemble "Mechta". 2004.


Dima   takes part in different concerts in his native town, and participates in  a republican actions. In January, 2004 Dima became the grant-aided student of Mayor of  Izhevsk.




                               Concert on the central square of Izhevsk.


Dima is the winner of the following competitions:

*  2002, November. Singing competition « Utrennjaja Zvezda », Izhevsk, the Diploma of the winner of the III degree.

*  2003, April. All-Russia festival " Roza Vetrov", Perm, the Diploma of the winner of the I degree.

*  2003, July. The international singing competition « Vesjolaja Raduga», Odessa, the Diploma of the winner of the I degree.

*    2003, November. The international singing competition "Roza Vetrov", Moscow, the Diploma of the  winner of the II degree.

*   2004, May. Festival of children's creativity « Zdravstvui, mir! », Izhevsk, the Diploma of the winner.




                      On a stage of festival                                    On a stage of festival

                             "Roza Vetrov", Moscow.                               "Roza Vetrov", Perm




                                                Dima gets  the diploma and a  memorable prize.

                    Final competition of the festival " Roza Vetrov ", Moscow.   




At the festival with a  composer Andrey Bill.



                       At festival " Roza Vetrov " in Moscow.

Ekaterina Hramova – the soloist of the ensemble "Mechta",

Dmitry Kolesnikov - the soloist of the ensemble "Mechta"

Nagovitsyna Olga  - the leader of the ensemble "Mechta"

Chukavina Lydia  - Director of the “Home of  a creativity for Children”








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